Stormtrooper Splatter


I painted a Stormtrooper helmet today, and I kind of super love how it turned out. I really enjoy making Star Wars art, and this is easily one of my favourites out of the pieces I’ve done.

I began by drawing out the helmet on a piece of sketch paper, which I then outlined with black, thick sharpie. After, I taped it to the back of my canvas and then held the canvas up against my window so I could trace the drawing with a pencil.

Next up was defining anything that got muddled in transfer, and then I did the background using cheapo black acrylic from the dollar store.


Once the background was done, I filled in all the white (dollar store paint again), and then mixed up some varying shades of grey (not quite 50) to add some details. While I loved how the helmet looked on a plain black background, I wanted to have some fun. Enter the paint splatters.

Splattering paint is harder than it looks!! It took way longer than I wanted and I need to find a much more efficient way of accomplishing this technique. Essentially, I dipped a toothbrush (not my current one, duh) in paint and flicked it at the canvas until I was happy.


All in all, it was a successful project and I’m excited to find a spot to hang it up!


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