Valentines With My Girl

I know some people like to go out and hand make all the Valentine’s for their child’s class, but that is NOT something I’m interested in doing. At all. Just sounded too messy. So I went to the store and bought a bag of Peppa Pig sticker Valentines, and last week had Ginny sign her name and draw a picture on each one.

Then this morning I remembered her teachers! The Peppa Pig set didn’t come with teacher Valentines. So I found a scrap piece of watercolour paper, came up with a plan and then Ginny and I worked on it together.

I had Ginny paint what she wanted within a colour scheme – pinks and purples. She chose to do hearts, and then I suggested she do all the dots and dabs to fill in the white space. She had a lot of fun because she got to use Mummy’s paints today!


After the paint finished drying, I put a blackboard sticker in the center for the message and for Ginny to write her name. I am REALLY impressed with how small she wrote it. Then I got out my trusty math set compass and drew a circle which I then cut out.


I thought that it turned out pretty cute in the end! I might have to get Ginny to make one just for me.

When we finished, she wanted to make a Valentine specifically for her main teacher, so I gave her the paper leftover from the project, instructed her to NOT MIX UP MY PAINTS, and then let her do as she pleased. Ginny chose to write the word ‘love’ and draw a heart, her teacher, a sun, and a circle (which apparently represented the passing of time before Valentine’s Day…or something). Here’s that little project:


I think this one turned out cute too. But I think everything Ginny does is cute. Usually.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a post about the Valentine’s gifts I made for my husband!


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