Valentine Suprises

I’m horrible at surprising Bryan (my favourite husband) with gifts. I always accidentally spill the beans, need him to buy it for himself, have him tell me exactly what he wants/needs, or I just can’t hold in the secret any longer. This year for Valentine’s though, I KEPT THE SECRET!! And it was a good one, too.

First of all, I made him a really (in my opinion) awesome card. Bryan and I are both fans of The Simpsons and an episode that we both love and quote on the regular is “I Love Lisa” (season 4, episode 15). Ralph Wiggum doesn’t receive any Valentines from his classmates, and Lisa, feeling sorry for him, quickly hands him an extra card of her own.


Unfortunately this causes Ralph to latch on to Lisa, culminating in her publicly breaking his heart.

Anyways, as I said Bryan and I love this episode. Another thing to know, is Bryan hates greeting cards. He would prefer it if nobody gave him cards ever. Unfortunately for him, I love greeting cards. I love receiving them and I love giving them. This year though, instead of buying him a card which he would then throw out, or not buying him a card and feeling like I forgot something, I decided to make him the card from this episode. I forgot to take any in-progress pictures, but here is the final result:


Bryan LOVED it.

Next up, I wanted to make him something unique. We’ve been buying glass Coke bottles to drink from lately, so had a bunch of the empties plus bottle caps laying around. I decided that I would take a bottle and 2 caps, and make him a neat Fallout Nuka-Cola ‘replica’. I use the word replica loosely, because I had a hard time finding a really good reference picture to use so I kinda just did my own thing.

This project took about an hour, and 3 paint colours – red, white, and black. I painted over the Coke label on the bottle and caps and then free-handed the Nuka-Cola logo. Once the paint was dry, I poured some black paint inside the bottle and shook it up and spun it around until it was coated to look like it was full of pop. Then I pounded the less bent of the two caps back onto the bottle and I was done.


Again, Bryan loved it!

Both of these gifts really surprised him, which means I won Valentine’s Day this year. Though, to be fair he bought me tickets to see Beauty and the Beast which I am SO EXCITED ABOUT GAHHHHHHHHHHH.

I also made him a couple love coupons, but I’ve done that before so it wasn’t too exciting. Here they are anyways though!


Thanks for reading!


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