Classical Star Wars

A while back, I saw some pictures on the internet of upcycled thrift store art. Someone had taken an old painting they’d found, and added a huge octopus into the scenic lake to make things more interesting. I wish I could remember where I saw this so I could link to it.

Ever since I first saw that type of fun art, I knew I had to make some of my own one day. Finally, that day arrived last year when I found two perfect victims at my local thrift store. I quickly decided that Star Wars would be my theme, and then I went to work!

I used a mix of pencil, pencil crayons, and pens.


They turned out even better than I was hoping, and they’ve been hanging proudly on my wall ever since. This has become one of my favourite types of project to work on, and you can bet that any time I’m in a thrift store, I’m on the lookout for more paintings to liven up.


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