Anne and Gilbert

Several times a month I sit down to draw and have absolutely no clue what the subject should be. I’ll spend a bit of time (aka 1-2 hours) exploring google images until I find just the right thing to sketch. With the new Anne series being released (LOVED the first episode), I decided that maybe a portrait of Anne and Gilbert from the classic miniseries would be perfect right now.

I start with a really loose sketch. You can see here that I’ve started to define the look of Gilbert, but Anne is still looking a little rough.


Here you can see that Anne has joined Gilbert in looking less like a scribble. I like to get the main linework onto the page before I go in and start adding the details – shading, texture, etc.


Below are several more progress pictures. While I typically begin with the eyes/face, there really is no rhyme or reason to the progression. I’ll work on one section, then move to another, and then return to where I started.




Below is the final sketch before I decided to add a quick watercolour pencil background.


And, the final product!


Drawing is really a pleasure when you’re working on a project that makes you happy, and Anne of Green Gables always makes me happy. Anne is a kindred spirit, even if she isn’t real, and Gilbert Blythe is every Canadian girl’s dream boy.



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